About Villa Petit Paradis

The “petit paradis” property has been immortalized on postcards from Sivota and the island of Lefkada. We can proudly say that long before the area’s “blooming”, we were among the first who were captivated by the beauty of the landscape and decided to lodge in Sivota bay.

Having a history which goes back almost 30 years, as well as an authentic love for the island, we never gave into the impersonal, massive and clinical “touristy” standards. The property and the villa were bought and built little by little, aiming to the perfect vacation place. Today, more than ever, we are rooted on the island and with dedication, devotion and respect to our guests, we offer you the pleasure of discovering and exploring the authentic natural beauty of the landscape. Constantly enhancing this ideal vacation retreat, our commitment is to ensure this experience is tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to just sit back and indulge in the finest contemporary requirements of comfort, relaxation and tranquility.